Maximum Fun. Minimum Hassle. Zero Emissions

Why w1Da?

The w1Da 33 Ocean One Design is 9.8m (33ft) long, less than 2.9m (9ft 6 inches wide) and weighs less than 3500kg on its purpose built corrosion free alloy and composite trailer.


The w1Da boat has been designed and optimised to be the largest yatcht that can safely be towed by a car. It can be rigged, launched and recovered easily by its owners, independently of third parties.

It combines unique features including:


Sail everywhere - easily transportable so you can now drive your boat to those previously inaccessible (or very expensive due to shipping costs) regattas and harbours.

Zero emissions and Free Fuel for life - An efficient solar, wind and water regeneration system so that the boat generates its own energy in normal usage for racing and cruising


Silent - an almost completely silent retractable electric motor, with a next generation lithium battery system that can drive the boat for more than ten hours


Swift on Sea and Land- Its lightweight carbon fibre mast, composite rigging, powerful reversible winches and membrane sails, with non overlapping jibs and furling asymmetric spinnakers offer high performance without the effort that other racers and cruisers only dream about.

Safe- A modern low drag high performance racing hull that floats when holed, with a keel that has a built in shock absorber- owners will not damage the keel when striking an underwater object


Comfortable - it features a luxurious dry, clean accomodation that sleeps 6 with a fitted domestic kitchen and odour-free bathroom with domestic shower


Sophisticated features can be easily and safely operated by non-experts


Sail where you like, when you want to....


                                                               ..........Including the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland


w1Da Experience Limited      Ireland: (00353)98 37742    UK: 00 44 7768 410780