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Environmental Policy


At w1Da we understand that our approach and commitment to the environment falls within our overall commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); namely our commitment, as a business, to behave ethically and contribute to economic development, whilst also improving the quality of life for employees and contributing to the local community and society at large.


We have therefore defined a number of policies to document our approach to these issues covering all aspects of CSR; this Environmental Policy and our Environmental Managament System ensure we protect and contribute positively to the environments we work in.

We shall maintain a robust and independently certified Environmental Management System to ensure we minimise our environmental impacts and comply with any legal and regulatory requirements.

We believe in an engaged and informed workforce rather than a large Environmental  & Sutainability Team.  All employees shall attend appropriate environmental training to enable them to manage the environmental impacts of their role without direct supervision. Our specialist E&S Director shall direct and monitor this to ensure it is effective.

Our key environmental impacts are currently the energy and resources used during construction; the waste we produce; and the carbon we generate directly or indirectly through transport and office based activities. We shall measure and set targets for these both for individual projects and the company as a whole, and publish the results. The key impacts and targets set shall be reviewed annually to take acount of any new developments and ensure we are always ahead of industry best practice.


We shall seek to influence the environmental performance of our completed projects whenever appropriate and possible, through measures such as efficient building systems and sustainable material selection. Where appropriate we shall promote the measurement of this through independent assessment methods.

We shall actively enagage in research into sustainable building methods or designs, contributing our technical expertise to research programmes and publications to ensure we remain innovative industry leaders.

Our supply chain is key to the achievement of these aims. Environmental performance shall remain an essential part of the selection criteria, and we shall support our suppliers to develop this where necessary.

We believe in continuous montioring and open reporting of our performance to drive improvement and keep us accountable to our stakeholders. We are montioring our performance against the issues described above to ensure the publication of an Annual Environmental Report next year.

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